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Dental care abroad

In 2016, over half a million UK citizens travelled abroad to receive dental implant treatment ranging from the simplest to the most complicated cases. Not only did they acquire top-quality service as the one they would receive in the UK (often, even better!), but it also saved them millions of pounds. Needless to say, money saved on dental care could be spent on something else, for example, a holiday in a beautiful country like Bulgaria.

Why have my dental implants abroad?

As dental treatment is rather costly in the UK, more and more patients try to find less expensive places which do not compromise on quality. Due to present day affordable travel fares, Internet technology and important advances in medical science, dental tourism is becoming a global trend. In many cases, it is cheaper to book a flight, a hotel and pay for dental work in a foreign country, than it would be in the UK.

A lot of our patients have discovered Bulgaria as a preferred destination for any kind of medical treatment due to the high professionalism of Bulgarian doctors and dentists hired by hospitals and clinics in the UK. The growing demand in the UK for medical professionals trained in Eastern Europe is a solid proof that they are as highly qualified as their British colleagues. Bulgarian dentists are well respected for their expertise both in their own country and overseas.

Dental implants treatment costs are constantly on the rise in many Western countries. In the UK alone, dental care is already a multi-billion pounds industry making a considerable profit. But why pay high prices at home, when you can travel to Bulgaria and receive the same treatment, if not better, at Smile Dental Services, a fully-certified medical clinic.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a "root" device resembling a tooth or a group of teeth used to replace missing teeth. It is usually made of titanium used in dentistry to support restorations.

Dental implants today are root-form endosseous implants, i.e. they appear similar to an actual tooth root (hence the term "root-form") and are positioned within the bone (endo- being the Greek prefix for "in" and osseous referring to "bone"). The jaw bone accepts and osseointegrates with the titanium post. The fusion of the implant surface with the surrounding bone is known as osseointegration. Although dental implants will fuse with bone, they lack the periodontal ligament and will, as a result, feel slightly different than natural teeth during chewing.

Prior to the advent of root-form endosseous implants, most implants were either blade endosseous implants (the metal piece embedded in the bone resembling a flat blade) or subperiosteal implants (a framework construction attached with screws to the exposed bone of the jaws).

What are the advantages of dental implants?

If you're considering having your dental implants abroad, you probably have tons of questions

  • The mouth is restored as closely as possible to its natural state.
  • The integrity of facial structures is preserved.
  • Smile is improved when replacement teeth look more like natural teeth.
  • Adjacent teeth are not compromised to replace missing teeth.
  • Overall quality of life is enhanced with replacement teeth that look, feel and function like natural teeth.
  • Convenient oral hygiene.
  • Improved appearance.
  • Restored self-esteem and renewed self-confidence.

How much do dental implants costs? Check our best prices for dental implants abroad.

Selected Currency:
Treatment Price
1. Before the implant consultation
Consultation In Sofia Free
Panoramic X-Ray (OPG) In Sofia
2. Dental Implants
IHDE or ROOTT Implant with Postponed Loading (Switzerland)
IHDE or ROOTT Implant with Immediate Loading (Switzerland)
Straumman Implant (Switzerland)
Nobel BioCare Active Implant (Switzerland)
3. Abutments
IHDE, ROOTT, Straumman, Nobel BioCare
4. Dental Crowns
Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM) Crown (CAD/CAM)
Zirconia Crown (CAD/CAM)
Temporary Crown (CAD/CAM)
5. Bone Graft / Sinus Lift
Dental Work (per tooth)
Bone Graft Material (per 0.5g) (Switzerland)
Bone Graft Membrane (per piece) (Switzerland)
6. Other Treatments
Local Anesthesia
Non Surgical Extraction
Surgical Extraction
Root Canal
Tooth Preparation for Crown
White Filling
Night Guard
Teeth Whitening Upper & Lower
Teeth Cleaning
7. Other Services
One Direction Airport Transfer
NobelBiocare Dental Implants Strauman Dental Implants IHDE dental implants

The implants which we are using in our clinic are high quality - Nobel Biocare, Straummann, Branemark, IHDE etc. All of them are the best implants on the market!

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