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Dental Implants Restorations Calendar 2022
Full Mouth or Single Jaw Immediate Loading Procedures (according to Available Treatment Slots)

If you need we can organize a PCR test.
The price is 110 BGN.
The Clinic is Closed 08-28 August - Summer Vaccation!
  • Already booked slots are not visible in the calendar.
  • Your travel dates need to be outside the treatment slot period!
  • We would advise you to always ask for explicit written confirmation before you book your flights!
Last update: 10:19 BST 10 Aug 2022

Smile Dental Services Clinic

Smile Dental Services is a leading private healthcare clinic in Sofia specializing in full dental restorations for overseas patients. We offer a full range of affordable and professional dental care to help you maintain a healthy smile.

Our mission is to provide a high quality and affordable dental treatment as an alternative to expensive dental implant surgeries at home. Our patients regularly save 50% to 70% compared to the quotes they receive in the UK & USA.

Our clinic is valued for its expertise in implantology and cosmetic dentistry, its good experience in implants and restoration, and highly qualified and experienced staff.

In 2021, over a 3 and a half million people from UK & USA travelled abroad to receive dental treatment and thus saved millions of pounds & dollars. What is more, they have received top-quality dental treatment, at the same level they would have been serviced in UK or USA. People choose this way of care for different types of needs: from the simplest therapy to the most complicated cases. And the reasons for it are very simple: to save money and get advanced and affordable dental treatment.

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