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Smile Dental Services
Our Clinic is located in
Sofia, Bulgaria
23 San Stefano Str., Entr. 3, Ground Floor
Phone: +35924917720
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Our patients regularly
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All-on-4 Full Mouth Restoration
IMPORTANT: We upgraded all restoration packages to our Superior Basal Implants Package
  • - 2 x 4 IHDE dental implants (Switzerland) for upper and lower jaws
  • - flapless surgery method of implantation (less invasive than conventional)
  • - 2 metal free crowns bridges made by CAD/CAM (up to 12 crowns each)
  • - 1 visit for 5 business days, immediate loading *
  • - lifetime limited warranty of implants and 2 years of the bridges & crowns
* Second visit may need 6 months later. This can be confirmed after clinical examination during your first visit.
What is included in the price also?
 Extractions if needed Free
 Full Expert Consultation Free
 Panoramic X-Ray Picture Free
 Local Aneasthetics Free
 Impression Taking Free
 CAD/CAM computer technology Free
 Airport transfers Free
PRICE MATCH: Cheap Dental Implants Abroad - We are very confident that we offer the best value for money in Europe, with the highest possible standard of treatment. If you have been offered a lower price from any dentist in Europe following a clinical assessment, however, we will match any price offered for the equivalent treatment. Cheapest Dental Implants in Europe
Price: ₤9,900 Contact us for more information!
You've been told that you may need bone augmentation?
IHDE Basal Implant System is just for you!
Smile Dental Services Clinic Surgeons
Dr. Bojidar Dimitrov
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