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Basal Implants Have High Success Rate for Patients
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Our patients regularly
save 50% to 75%
compared to the quotes
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Our clinic is among the few clinics in the world that specializes in basal implantology, high-effective osseointegrated dental implant method.
Get Full Set of Teeth in Single Visit!
(Revolutionary Basal Implants System Gives Immediate Results!)
  Full Mouth Restoration Treatment Package 
1. First Visit (duration: 5 working days, e.g. Mon-Fri)

The main part of the treatment takes place during the first visit. All extractions (if needed) and the implants are put simultaneously in a single session during the first day. The average duration of the session is about 3 hours, it is painless under local anaesthesia. During the next days several follow ups take place. On the 3rd day usually, the new teeth are cemented over the implants and you go home with new smile!
See how it looks: Before and 5 days after with Temporary Bridges

- Full Expert Consultation
- Panoramic X-Ray
- Extractions (if needed)
- Up to 20 implants (made in Switzerland) for both upper and lower jaws
Flapless surgery method of implantation (less invasive than conventional) *
- 2 x high quality non metal long term provisional bridges (not dentures!) made by CAD/CAM computer based technology
- 5 years warranty of the implants, bridges & crowns **
- Free airport transfers
- Accommodation booking assistance
Price: ₤7,000
During the first visit you have to pay
only the amount above, nothing more!
2. Second Visit (after: 6-18 months; duration: 8 working days, e.g. Wed-Fri)

After the first stage of the treatment, when the implants are already put, there is a 6 - 18 months' healing period. A natural process of remodelling of the gum under the bridges starts. This can cause some spaces (between the gum and bridges) to appear. At the second visit this is corrected with a new set of permanent porcelain fused to metal bridges. By that time, the gum has already adjusted to the implants and have taken its stable form. The new bridges are created to perfectly match this new gum line, thus covering the gaps. This assures that you get the best aesthetic results and the treatment is finished.
See how it looks 1 year after with: Permanent Bridges

- Full Expert Consultation
- Panoramic X-Ray
- 2 x high quality porcelain fused to metal (PFM) permanent bridges (not dentures!) made by CAD/CAM computer based technology
- Free airport transfers
- Accommodation booking assistance
Price: ₤2,900
During the second visit you have to pay
only the amount above, nothing more!
Contact us for more information!

* Flapless surgery method will be applied where possible. In some cases it's not applicable.
** Guarantee covers material defects of the bridges and implants. It's valid in our clinic in Sofia. A guaranty of the medical service and success of the treatment can not be offered, since the practice of dentistry and surgery is not an exact science and healing is quite individual process, which depends on the patient recovery ability also. Nevertheless usually we help either free of charge or at a significantly reduced price, if single implants or prosthetic part must be exchanged due to unexpected events.

DISCLAIMER: Treatment plan can be confirmed only after thorough clinical examination in Smile Dental Services Clinic in Sofia. The extent of the necessary measures in terms of surgery and treatment cannot be predicted, as this can only be determined when treatment starts. We reserve the right to make alterations for medical reasons and practicability.

Advantages of Basal Implant System

BOI & BCS implants are the most advanced system within the group of Basal Implants. In combination with other single piece implants they enable dental reconstruction for almost every patient. It is even suitable for people who have previously failed implantation procedures due to insufficient jaw bones and bone recession.

What is basal implantation? Bone is composed of an internal spongy (cancellous) portion which is covered with dense bone layer (corticalis). Each basal implant is placed in at least two places trough the corticalis (so called bi-cortical support). The corticalis used for anchoring of the basal implants is highly mineralized bone, with high potential of regeneration. This ensures the highest level of integration of the implants and allows their immediate loading. Basal implants differ from crest (conventional) implants in the manner of placing, the manner of force distribution, but primarily by the planning and execution of the prosthetic construction and post-operative regime.

Single Piece (Monoblock) Basal Implants

Revolutionary shape and design of the basal implants help in treating a big variety of cases which with the conventional two-three piece crestal implants cannot. Many of basal implants have smooth surface which do not allow bacterial colonization on surfaces which many times lead to peri-implantitis and implant lost. Peri-implantitis is the most common cause for failure of conventional implants. This happens mostly because of the rough implant surface as well as the interface problems between the multiple parts of the implant (implant-abutment link). The use of monoblock, smooth surface basal implants minimize the threat of peri-implantitis by almost 98%.

Implant Surface
98% less chance of peri-implantitis and implant lost
Conventional Implants
Rough Surface
Basal Implants
Smooth Surface
Rough surface of conventional (crestal) implants have a great potential to harbor bacteria which means higher risk of peri-implantitis Smooth surface of basal implants do not allow bacterial colonization and eliminates the risk of peri-implantitis almost completely

The Basal implant system surgery has been used in dentistry for over 25 years. Because there is very little pain involved with the flapless procedures, more patients accept dental implants more easily.

Immediate Loading Protocol
Go home with teeth immediately after the treatment!

Basal implants are primary designed for immediate loading. 72 hours straight after the implants have been inserted our patients get their bridges loaded over the implants. There is no need to wait through a long recovery time with help of our dental technician your new full set of teeth will be fixed in place within 3-5 business days.

Avoid Bone Graft & Sinus Lift
Save time, discomfort and money, get immediate result!

There is not need any more for long and painful procedures for bone augmentation - sinus lift, bone graft. Basal implants utilize not only bone height but also the bone width. That's why it is possible to treat cases where traditional systems advices preliminary bone augmentation procedures. Even diabetic patients, smokers and patients with severe gum disease CAN be treated with equal success.

Patients with Diabetes
Less liability to infections

Conventional dental implants are usually contra-indicated for use in patients with diabetes. The main reason is because diabetes is connected with co-morbidities, including high liability to infections, impaired wound healing, gingivitis, periodontitis and other related gum diseases and disorders. However basal implants give very good results in controlled diabetic patients, simply because their smooth surface reduced the probability of sustaining development of bacteria infection on their surface. Even more, the area that bear the load (basal cortical bone) is far away from the areas of crestal alveolar bone where bacteria attempt to invade (in the case of conventional or crestal implants /called also by the name of bone where they are anchored/).

Patients Smokers
Implants load bearing area is far away from the area affected generally by smoking

Smoking is well known negative factor in implant restorations, because it cuts the blood flow to the oral tissue. This slows the healing process and leads to higher risk of gingivitis and gingival recession, in turn which leads to peri-implantitis. In smokers, the osseo-integration may be compromised, leading to the failure of the entire restoration. In case of basal implants and immediate loading the load bearing areas are far away from the areas affected by smoking. The early stage loaded bridges also protect the gums from direct exposure of the smoke.

However, you have to keep in mind that smoking has very cancerogenic effect to the surgical area. We strongly discourage smoking during the healing phase, at least the first 3 days after the surgery.

Patients with Severe Gum Disease (Periodontitis)

In patients with severe gum disease, conventional dental implants are contra indicated. This is mainly because of higher risk of gingival infections causing implants failure. Usually the patients have multiple loose and mobile teeth, which are painful. The inflammed gums bleed easily. However, smooth surface basal implants work excellent, because they have less probability of development of bacteria infection and the load bearing are is far away from the gum regions.

These "hopeless" patients are very good candidates for full mouth restorations with basal implants. Usually during the procedure all remaining teeth (the main source of infection) are extracted and replace with implants. Even these patients, within 3 days get their new teeth loaded over the implants and can smile and eat normally.

Watch a testimonial of our former patient with severe gum disease
5 main points of Basal implantation technique

1. All patients who request dental implants could be treated, without exception, regardless of the extent of bone loss or the presence of absence of residual teeth.

2. Only a single surgical visit is required. Basal implants are loaded and splinted immediately or early using long-term provisional bridges.

3. The low number of surgical and other treatment steps reduces overall cost.

4. Basal implants hardly interfere with the blood supply to the host bone, at any rate much less than comparable conventional implants.

5. Patients can quickly resume their normal lives due to Basal Implants immediate loading.

Conventional vs Basal Implants Comparison Table
Basal Implants General Implants
Additional Surgery
bone augmentation, sinus lift, bone graft
No Yes
Healing Time needed No 4-8 Months
Cost Less procedures
Less cost
More procedures
More cost
Success rate 99% 96%
Main Treatment duration 5 days Several visits in 4-8 months period
Diabetic patients, smokers and patients with severe gum disease CAN be treated with equal success.
Yes No
If you have any questions about the procedure or want to discuss your own situation, then please contact us and we will be happy to deal with your enquiry.
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